Blogging, Sales and Blogs

Blogging, sales and blogs in general. What’s the relationship between them? How do you combine them?

Blogging, sales and blogs in general. What’s the relationship between them? How do you combine them? In this article I am going to try and give you some insight into the process of integrating the two concepts and why you may find it works for you.

It used to be that a person was a blogging newbie and sales process was nothing more than “buy now and I won’t tell you anything about it”. Nowadays, though, blogging and sales have become closely linked. But which one should you integrate first? If I were to say “blogging”, you might think “online advertisement”? In reality, though, most people prefer to use the sales person-to-client model.

Let’s get a few things out of the way first: the new client or audience does not really care if you make a sale to them. He or she may give a business your business’s information but then you are not selling anything directly to him or her. When you say blog, you mean a blog you have built on your own site. The content is up to you and he or she will never see it. In fact, even if he or she finds the content to be interesting, they may not be interested in actually buying anything from you.

After the blog is up and running, you can start thinking about using a link to your sales process on your blog. As an example, your sales page might look like this:

Here you provide a link that takes visitors to a sales page about “pretty good product X”. Why do you want to sell X? What makes you want to buy X? The main reason is that this person has already expressed an interest in your products or services.

So far so good; now you need to build the sales page on your blog and then talk about it on your blog. That’s the sales part and when you create the sales page it is a lot like creating the sales pages for your website (if you are an affiliate).

If you blog sales page is well done, other people will also have an interest in buying it and they will link back to it. When they do, then you will get a commission (the actual amount of which will depend on your chosen niche and how much traffic you get from your blog). And of course, your blog is an advertisement.

Okay, now let’s apply this to blogging. Once you have a link that brings visitors to your sales page, you might find that you should blog about it. To start with, your readership will probably be very low so you don’t want to duplicate your sales page. It would be better to blog about your niche subject at a frequency that suits you – some bloggers prefer one post a month, others three times a week.

The purpose of blogging for your blog is to drive traffic to your sales page. In addition, it is possible to attract people to your blog by offering to write articles about the things you like. This can be a great source of income.

The last thing you need to remember is that blog and sales are intertwined. So while you might focus on one, you will need to blog about another, and you should create blogs for many different niches. You should also promote each blog separately, as that will help your sales.

In summary, you need to integrate these concepts and follow the suggestions given here. Follow my blog and you will soon become a successful blogger in the world of internet marketing.

Edgar Walters