The Biggest Technological Advancements in the Last Decade

The Biggest Technological Advancements in the Last Decade

The last decade has witnessed quite a lot of changes that have made people go crazy. Such changes have forced us to leave our conventional approach and adapt to newer heights that enable us to reach further in life. So, to sum these points, you need to look into all the biggest advancements that have happened in the last decade. Hence, here it goes.


Drone Delivery Service


Well, Amazon surprised us with this new advancement which, according to them, will increase their revenue. When you buy goods and services from the online market, you expect it to reach your doorstep in time. Keeping that thought in mind, the retail giant brought in this mode of delivery to up their game and ultimately beat the competition.


Tesla Cars


Electric cars were never really into the minds of auto enthusiasts, as they couldn’t resist the urge for premium vehicles. But Tesla is a unique brand that attempted to change all of that. The Tesla Roadster is a testimony to that statement since the car can go up to 300 miles on a single charge. With such innovation and technology, the brand has been successful in pushing the boundaries for electric cars, thereby creating a market for itself.

Netflix and Online Streaming


When it comes to entertainment, there are very few people who will begin a debate without considering the huge impact of Netflix. The company introduced its streaming services, and that made a huge market with followers running in for a subscription. Such streaming services changed the conventional mode of watching televisions, as Netflix is venturing into new countries and opportunities.


Self-Driving Car

Self-Driving Car

Many consider self-driven cars to be a myth and an unachievable feet. But Google was quick to prove them wrong. The self-driving car project launched way back in 2008, has made its roots into the US, clocking in over 2 million miles. This incredible achievement left people in astonishment and disbelief, as Google continues to do the unthinkable.




Readers were in for an unusual surprise when Amazon bought in the Kindle. This digital mode of reading, changed the usual approach, bringing in a new set of readers to the block. Although it left a huge impact, it did not force certain people to abandon their habit.


Mars Rover


Time and again, we all sit in curiosity, wondering about the adventures of our little friend who went deep into exploration. The Mars Rover launched in November 2011, was successful in finding water on Mars. Through time, we might even learn more about its adventures, so keep your fingers crossed. Such advancements are unique in taking humans forward in life and making them pass new branches and goals.